Current Adult Education Series

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Recent Adult Education Series

We place a high value on Christian Education for all of our members. We hold our Adult Education series September through May. We meet on Sunday mornings for learning and engaging conversation that helps us all to grow further in our faith. Some of our recent classes include:

The Thrill of Hope: Advent Adult Small Group

For Advent our group did a theological (and approachable!) exploration of what the coming of Christ means through scripture study, scholarship, and the incredible art of John August Swanson. It was a wonderful way to get ready for Christmas.

The Bible Through Art

In this class we explored God’s story through scripture study and image. Beginning with Genesis and working our way through to Revelation, we looked at images each week alongside the texts that inspired them. We were able to look at the Bible in a newly inspired way.

The Book of Exodus

We delved into the Hebrew Scriptures in this surprising and enlivening discussion. In this series we studied the story of Moses and learned about God’s care for God’s people.

Stained Glass Does It All

Stained glass can set a mood.  It can tell a story.  It can be purely decorative or can be dedicated in someone’s honor.  There are symbols and there are statements.  There are stories and there are themes.  Some eras are better than others and some examples are beautiful beyond words.  In this class we learned about all that makes a stained glass window spiritually and historically important.  At the culmination of our windowed journey, we visited the Union Church of Pocantico Hills here in Westchester to see their Matisse and Chagall windows.

Experiencing Easter through diverse preaching

For our series focusing on different sermons by well known liturgical preachers concerning Easter, we watched, listened to, and read a wide variety of sermons and had great discussions about them.

Paul’s First Letter to the Corinthians

During Lent we discussed Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians. This letter was written to a community of faith that Paul was closely connected to around the year 50 A.D.  In this letter Paul writes about what it means to be the Church, the ultimate power of Love, and the way that we as the church in the world live a life that reconciles the world with our faith identity.

Our Liturgical Life: How we are formed by what we do

For people who wondered about vestments, church seasons, colors, holidays, church furniture, candles, the different items used for communion, the structure of the service, or where the prayers come from. A lively and interesting discussion.