Youth Ministries

In September 2018 we started fundraising for enough money to hire a Minister for Young People for at least a couple of years. After we make a hire we'll continue finding funding for that post in order to fund this longer-term through our operating budget and regular pledging.

Why do we need a Minister for Young People? What's the reality of life for our young people in today's world? Listen to youth leader, Trina Fontaine, making the case in this audio presentation. Read the presentation here.

Our Fundraising Progress - we're 6% of the way there!
$0 $150,000

St. Stephen’s Youth Group is a welcoming and faithful group of our kids in grades 6 through 12. The Youth Group gathers to perform service projects, have fun community time together, and learn more about our lives of faith as Christ’s body in the world.

Some of our past events have included volunteering at the food pantry, Christmas shopping for needy families with children, hiking with spiritual discussions, cleaning up at Adopt A Dog, and doing a scavenger hunt around town to see how our church is tied to our community.

All young people in grades 6 through 12 can attend. 

If your child would be interested in Confirmation, please contact the Parish Office. Typically we would recommend confirmation once a young person has reached the 7th grade.

Most young people in our parish also serve as ‘acolytes’ - a robed assistant at the altar. Acolytes start out at elementary school age as ‘torchbearers’ (carrying processional candlesticks) and once they have got to the 6th or 7th grade they can graduate on to being an altar server and ‘crucifer’ (carrying the processional cross). Once in a while one or two of our senior acolytes will serve as a ‘thurifer’ (the acolyte who looks after the burning of incense).

Children’s Ministries

St. Stephen’s Sunday School

At St. Stephen’s we believe that children should be nurtured and encouraged as members of our church family. We are blessed to have talented and enthusiastic Sunday School teachers to share the Good News with our youngest members. Each week our children gather for Sunday School at 10:00 am.  We use a Bible based curriculum that also includes lessons on church history and sacraments.  Each week’s lesson is accompanied by fun interactive activities.  Class is completed in time for the children to join our service and participate in Holy Communion. It is important that our children are included in worship as members of the church.

Our Sunday School runs parallel with the school year.

Be inspired by art work made by our Sunday School classes in our Online Gallery!



St. Stephen’s Nursery Care

We also offer nursery care for babies and children 3 and under during the 10 a.m. service throughout the school year. To learn more about our children’s programs, please contact our Parish Office at 914-273-3812.