We are a community of faith striving to know Jesus more deeply. Come to hear vibrant preaching and traditional music and liturgy, to share in the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist and to grow in your faith journey through worship and outreach.



A short history

This video highlights some of our history. Produced by Sam Morell.

The Episcopal Parish of St. Stephen's was formed in 1842 and a local farmer donated a quarter acre of land to build our church. It is a fine example of a timber-framed Greek Revival church. In 1889, a timber-framed addition was made in the Gothic style. In 2016 the interior of the sanctuary was completely renovated and is a haven of peace and inspiring architecture. A Parish Hall was added in the 1940s, and a Parish House in the early 1960s. There is a cemetery adjacent to the church. St. Stephen's has always been an integral part of the North Castle community and, indeed, St. Stephen's founded modern-day Armonk by creating its first sub-division in around 1850. We are celebrating our 175th Anniversary from October 2016 through October 2017.

new to St. Stephen’s? Here's what TO expect.

The entire service is found in the bulletin leaflet which an usher will give you. We provide Sunday School for K thru 7 during the school year and nursery care for infants.  Feel free to ask any questions about worship in the Episcopal Church, or check out our What We Believe page.

Our service is quite traditional. We use (as all Episcopal parishes do) the Book of Common Prayer from 1979. It's in modern English, but with beautiful, poetic language that helps to lift us from everyday life into a more spiritual experience. For that reason, also, we have a certain amount of ritual, such as the worship leaders wearing colorful and ornate vestments, and our wonderful sanctuary representing in many ways an architectural vision of heaven.

A panel from one of our stained-glass windows.

A panel from one of our stained-glass windows.

Lots of the prayers we say every week have been said (albeit in different translations) by Christians since the first century AD. We value the fact that we are just one generation in a long, unbroken line of Christians, adding our own layer of patina on the Christian faith.

The service, including all the prayers, readings and hymns, are printed in a special booklet each week. The booklet also gives helpful information on when to stand and sit, or kneel, what the readings mean, and how to receive communion or a blessing.

After the service, coffee, juice, cakes and fruit are served in the Parish Hall! All are welcome!