Here We Are! Send Us!

A Sermon preached by the Rev. Nils Chittenden & CAROLINE eICKELBECK

Sunday, February 10th, 2019

This morning we hear about St. Stephen’s growing call to serve the young people of our parish and our community in new ways. Starting with a personal story from the Rector, Fr. Nils Chittenden, in which he talks about growing up in England, and how a class at school studying one of today’s scripture readings - the call of the prophet Isaiah (click here to see the reading), helped him to discover more of his own call. Then we hear from St. Stephen’s co-youth-leader, Caroline Eickelbeck, about some of the challenges that our young people face growing up in 21st century Armonk, and why faith communities have such an important role to play in young people’s lives, and how we can start to provide the support, nurture, encouragement and guidance that will help them to live the fullness of life God wants for us all.

This sermon is audio only.

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