We are always so happy to offer St. Stephen's for life's important rites of passage, including baptism, which is sometimes called 'Christening'.

Of course, baptism is not just a rite of passage - it's not something that is only done because it is the 'done thing'. Rather, baptism is the public declaration of a conscious decision to become a member of the Church. Often, this public declaration is made by parents and godparents on behalf of a very small child but one can be baptized at any time of life.

But what is baptism? Watch this three-part video from the Episcopal Church, which features the Gregory family from Baltimore, MD and their journey through the baptism process from first inquiry to baptism day, and intertwines this with explanations of why we baptize, and what it all means!

Episode One: Preparation
Meet the Gregory family and join them as they are invited into a celebration of God’s grace as they prepare to have their daughter baptized.

Episode Two: Community

Find out how one family’s baptism connects them with the surrounding community, and why that is good for everyone.

Episode Three: Celebration

Rejoice and celebrate with the Gregory family as their daughter’s baptism gives them a glimpse of the whole history of God’s presence.

Here at St. Stephen’s, our usual practice is to have the rite of baptism as part of our regular Sunday morning service: this reinforces the fact that becoming a member of the Church means one is joining a family, which includes all the other members of the Church both locally and globally and, as with any family event, we want our relatives to be present. At baptism, all the members of the Church become new brothers and sisters.

To inquire about having a baptism at St. Stephen's, please email us using the icon at the foot of this page and we will get back to you right away.

Once your baptism has been scheduled, please complete this online form.