Cub Scouts "Blue and Gold Dinner"

The Cub Scout award ceremony known as the Blue and Gold Dinner was held in April.  The Webelos (the oldest Cub Scouts -- 5th graders) "crossed over" to become Boy Scouts. The Boy Scout troop received three new boys this year.

boy scout blue and gold 2.JPG

The Weblos literally cross over a bridge and are greeted by the senior Boy Scouts in leadership positions. They receive a Boy Scout Handbook to take with them over the bridge. It is like a "bible" to a scout, providing guidance and serving as a record for all his scouting career.

When the former Webelos are greeted on the other side by the troop they are given a Troop 94 neckerchief. 

Father Nils and Don Gregg handed out other Cub Scout awards earned over the course of the year.