Youth Group volunteers at Mobile Food Pantry

Youth at Food Pantry 2.JPG

On Saturday April 14th, members of the St. Stephen's Youth Group, along with Trina Fontaine, volunteered at the Mobile Food Pantry, which was parked at the Boys and Girls Clubs in Mount Kisco, to help give out fresh fruits and vegetables to people who are in need. After a successful morning handing out food, the students walked over to the local diner. While they waited for the food, we shared our thoughts about the morning. 

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"It feels good knowing that even doing the littlest thing for the community helps" said Valentina. "I love helping people and it is so rewarding to see smiles on their faces" added Meagan.  While handing out food Daniel realized that the families may not have had enough to eat but was grateful this helped them. The students also found out they helped approximately 300 people, something Kristin is really proud of. Antonella found the gratitude people showed very heartwarming.  The Youth Group truly enjoyed volunteering and are looking forward to doing it again in the future.