Private George H Lovelett

Born in Rye, April 13 1837, parents Harvey and Mary Sniffen Lovelett, shoemaker,
single, 24 , enlisted in Co C, 49 N Y Infantry for three years on September 6 1861 in
Scarsdale. Enlisting that same day were his brother, Henry, William Strang and Richard
Boice. Henry died at Camp Griffen on Christmas eve, 1861.
Just two months after his brother died, George was discharged for "disability" at Camp
Griffen Va, (near Maclean) on February 12 1862. We can only imagine George's
anguish as he continued to serve in the same company C and recuperate in the same
hospital as his brother.
The 1920 census shows him living in Armonk on Bedford Rd next to Dr George Clark,
and he died on February 24 1922.
He has a family stone and his W.P.A. Location is 8619 with a G.A.R. marker.
The W.P.A. file card states that he fought at the battles of Yorktown, Seven Days,
Antietam and Manassas. but, in fact, all of those conflicts occurred after he was
discharged from the army.
He was a member of G.A.R. Post 169 in the 1880s. He received an invalid's pension
on February 26 1881 and his wife, Deborah, received a widow's pension after his death
in 1922. 
He is on page 1 O of North Castle Town Clerk's roster, is #190 on the Adjutant General's
roster and is 551/roll 85 in NARA, the National Archives