Private James Thomson

Of all the Civil War vets in St Stephen's, Thomson has been one of the most difficult oto
trace. His stone was found, buried and face down. It was uncovered and reset but the
number of his regiment was eroded and unclear. We first thought that it read 49 New
Jersey and the W.P.A. file card tantalizingly showed a very unclear 40 or 49.His file also
stated that he was born in 1841 and enlisted in Co D 49 Infantry in Troy on August 8
W.P.A. Said that he was captured September 15 1862, paroled the next day in Harper's
Ferry, wounded in action September 19 1864 at Petersburg m and fought at Harper's
Ferry and Gettysburg. He was discharged on June 5 1865 as a sergeant.
However, the New York Adjutant General stated that Thomson was 35, born in 1846,
when he enlisted in Co E 40 NY Infantry in Yonkers on June 14 1861, wounded in action
at Fredericksburg and mustered out with his company on December 30 1862. 
The 1860 census showed Thomson, 40, living in NYC in ward 19 with his wife, Phebe,
37. With them are newly weds Alonzo and Mary Stilson. It is possible that Thomson was
Alonzo's father in law.
James and Alonzo enlisted the same day in the same regiment in Yonkers .
Try Nara M 551 /roll 148